Public rally against Christianophobia in front of the European Parliament in Brussels

On Wednesday, June 22nd, the Pro Europa Christiana Federation held a rally in front of the European Parliament to launch its signature campaign in favour of the recognition of an annual World Day against Christianophobia.

Brussels’ Luxembourg Square saw a few dozen militants distributing thousands of leaflets to the passersby. To attract public attention, distributors wore a red cape and carried a red standard emblazoned with a golden lion.

March 2nd was the date chosen for the World Day against Christianophobia, because on that fatal day, this year, Shahbaz Bhatti, Pakistani Minister for Minorities, was murdered because of his Christian faith.

According to the promoters of this campaign, every 5 minutes a Christian is killed, which makes Christianophobia the worst social evil of our times. They regret that world authorities do nothing to eradicate it.

To stop the killing of thousands of innocent people, Pro Europa Christiana Federation wrote a public appeal to the UN General Secretary, accessible by Internet at the address

“The blood of martyrs is the seed of Christianity,” but this is no reason to allow so much of it to be shed, nor to stand by with folded arms, the organisers affirm.

During the public rally, militants shouted slogans appealing to the conscience of the passersby:

  • Shahbaz Bhatti, Imran Masih, Asia Bibi… / the list of the victims gets longer and longer / What shall we do for our persecuted Christian brothers throughout the world?
  • Never in the history of human cultural conflicts/, has so much evil / been done by so few fanatics / to so many innocents / Nice speeches are not enough to stop the killings, / We need action / Promote March 2nd as the World Day against Christianophobia

  • The silence of the West is falling upon the fate of our Christian brothers of the East / Will we be the next victim? / Yes, if we don’t react.
  • On March 2nd Shahbaz Bhatti, Pakistani minister of minorities / was murdered for his Christian faith / Let us promote this memorable date as the annual World Day against Christianophobia
  • Burglary and Destruction of churches / Blasphemous exhibitions / Discrimination at the workplace / Disrespect for the right to Conscientious objection / Christianophobia does not stop at Turkey’s borders / It is carried out by our own governments and by the European institutions
  • Militant secularism wants to reduce Christians to second class citizens / Will we accept to become strangers in our own land?

The annual World Day against Christianophobia would be an occasion to draw the attention of public opinion, social movements, policy makers and the media to this crucial issue and to provide a unique annual opportunity for Christians to defend their rights in society.

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  1. James Kussy says:

    Good for you. It is good to see somebody doing something about this dreadful development.

  2. [...] , le 4 juillet 2011   Le mercredi 22 juin, la Fédération Pro Europa Christiana a organisé une manifestation devant le Parlement européen pour lancer sa campagne de signatures en faveur de la reconnaissance [...]

  3. Ivo de Noronha says:

    Absolutely brilliant! This initiative was very much needed and undoubtedly it is only the TFP (the above group with red capes and red standard emblazoned with a golden lion)that could take this well deserved initiative. Hope our European Parliamentarians wake up from their slumber and follow suit.

  4. courtier says:

    merveilleuse article, merci beaucoup.

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